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The Only AI-powered Sales Performance Management Tool for Sales Teams. Manage Your Sales Process With Insights & Intelligence For Every Customer Interaction. Track Your Team’s Key Performance Metrics, Activities, And Progress. 

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Salesken analysed over a million conversations and found hundreds of intelligent sales insights such as these:

Identifying customer needs in the first 10 minutes of your demo call improves your win conversion chances by 85%

Actively repeating your customers problems during the call creates empathy and improves trust by upto 71%

All winning calls have 1 or 2 hooks that convince the customer – the best sales reps find the hooks and cleverly use them to convert calls

Preventable losses (gaps in sales pitch between your best vs rest reps) cost you upto 2x your sales

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Capture every sales conversation. Access every recordings, transcripts and key insights such as objections, needs and intent.

Properietory NLP to identify customer's intent to buy based on actual conversations, expressions, and emotions. 

Provide targeted performance feedback on what went right or wrong in your rep's sales conversations.

Use AI based sales assistant to customize the sales pitch and replicate your top reps and winning sales track  everytime.

AI-driven Sales Productivity Tool - Salesken.ai 

Intelligently understands what is working in your winning calls and builds a winning call profile unique to your organisation.

Conversation snippets that most influence your customers mind

Pattern of Calls

Winning probing questions

Highest connect on feature

Rapport building techniques

Boost Sales Productivity - with 
Real-Time Cues

Uses this intelligence and assists sales reps, live in real time to nudge them towards successful sales behaviours. 

“It helped my team by providing useful insights into what my team is doing well and how I can sequentially tighten my processes.” 

Sales Growth Manager, Byju's

“A must-have tool for the day-to-day Sales. What i like the most is the analytical view where each call is broken down to various segments which helps identify the strong and weak areas in sales pitch.” 

Sales Manager, WhiteHat Jr


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