Gain 70% Increase in Conversion with Sales Enablement Solution

Improve your sales productivity, close more sales deals and experience faster client onboarding with Salesken’s Sales Enablement software. Conduct an in-depth analysis of your conversations with customers and empower your sales campaigns like never before!

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5 Things you Must-Know about our Sales Enablement Solution

The right use of Salesken’s Sales Enablement tool can help you save your valuable time and increase up to 2X sales. Here’s a list of its best features 

Spot-on Sales Productivity

Say goodbye to shadowing your sales calls. Why miss out when you can be at multiple places simultaneously? Our sales enablement technology can help you boost your sales productivity as we bring the essential metrics to your notice. Use our data insights and build strategies accordingly. 

Identify and Fix Loopholes

With Salesken’s sales enablement software, you get to analyze your real-life sales conversations. Hence, identifying the loopholes and conducting training to fix those is pretty easy. You get to know where and why you should upgrade your sales calls to get better results.  

Real-time Cues at their Best

Track your sales calls in real-time and find out how your sales reps can improve the conversation in real time with the help of our cues. Find out what words/phrases they are using. Get real results. No more conjectures! 

Close more Sales Deals

Closing any sales deal requires the right hooks to persuade the customers. Our sales enablement software will guide your sales reps to identify those hooks so that they can make smart use of the hooks to convert your leads. 

Build Data-driven Personalized Strategies

Salesken’s sales enablement software helps the individual sales reps to improve. With our in-depth analytics, we help them identify their individual strengths and areas of improvement. Hence they can use this personalized feedback to their success and can track their individual performances.

Salesken’s Sales Enablement Tool is your Sales Reps’ New BFF

Your sales team plays an important part in establishing your brand. They need a resource like Salesken to stay at the top of their game! Here’s how our Sales Enablement software works: 

Stage 1

Salesken will capture and analyze your sales reps’ conversations with existing clients and new prospects 

Stage 2

Are there any particular phrases or words that keep coming in conversations between reps and prospects? Do you need to make any changes in that? Well! This is the stage where Salesken answers all these questions.

Stage 3

Next, Salesken breaks down the conversations individually. It will present you with some key metrics like talk ratio, queries, etc. With these metrics in hand, you get the bigger picture.

Stage 4 

Salesken doesn’t stop after showing you the real-time cues. We also come up with the best practices for your sales team. We have individual feedback for the sales reps. We bet they can improve their performance by focusing on those best practices.

Take our word for it or see what others are saying:

“It helped my team by providing useful insights into what my team is doing well and how I can sequentially tighten my processes.” 

Satamitra G

Sales Growth Manager, Byju's

“A must-have tool for the day-to-day Sales. What i like the most is the analytical view where each call is broken down to various segments which helps identify the strong and weak areas in sales pitch.” 

Arpita M

Sales Manager, WhiteHat Jr

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