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5 Reasons why your Sales Team needs a Sales Coaching Software

In this extremely competitive marketplace, sales reps NEED thorough coaching to stay up-to-date. Find out how sales coaching software can fill your sales team with A-listers.

Identify the Improvement Points

Do your reps know where they need to make an improvement? Salesken’s Sales Coaching software can help them find out these areas of improvement. That way, reps can work on their sales pitches and bring the best out of them during each and every call. Our sales coaching software has a built-in Emotion Detection Engine that detects customers’ emotions, perceptions, and expectations. Therefore, handling customers’ objections and other tricky situations becomes simpler. 

Customized Training and Automated Performance Feedback

Each sales rep is different from the other. So why go for similar training for everyone? Salesken brings you out-of-the-box coaching that offers personalized training plans for the reps. Also, to help the reps further, we use our automated performance feedback.
Sales Managers can use the insights from customers’ interactions to come up with the best ways to train their reps. 

Fast Lead Generation, Faster Conversion

Our built-in Good Call Engine can create a call profile that fits your organization. You can easily use the conversation snippets, read the customers’ minds and accordingly influence their decisions in real-time. Salesken promises prompt lead generation and conversion with the Sales Coaching software.

Get your Reps Hooked to Real-time Cues

Many sales reps have already been hooked to our real-time cues. Reps enjoy being guided during their conversations with customers in real-time, to ensure that their calls become successful. This enables them to hyper-personalize the sales calls and nudge the customers to make a purchase. 

Get an Insight on What Works and What Doesn’t

Our motive is to share the knowledge and tips from top performers. Use our Sales Coaching software to find out what the top performers do differently and how they close multiple sales deals. Educate your reps so that they can replicate the winning strategies like a pro. 

Why Salesken can be your Sales assistance Buddy?

Our Sales Coaching software uses AI to analyze all team conversations. Therefore, you get to find out where your reps are shining and where they need to work harder.

Salesken can actively monitor customers’ emotions. Whether it is pricing objection or any other friction, we will give you the secrets to handle critical customers. In no time, reps can convert an objection into an acceptance. 

We believe in listening, educating, and recreating. Our Sales Coaching software offers insights into the existing conversations, helps the reps to take notes out of them, and finally encourages them to apply these strategies in their next sales calls to make them successful. 

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“It helped my team by providing useful insights into what my team is doing well and how I can sequentially tighten my processes.” 

Sales Growth Manager, Byju's

“A must-have tool for the day-to-day Sales. What i like the most is the analytical view where each call is broken down to various segments which helps identify the strong and weak areas in sales pitch.”

Sales Manager, WhiteHat Jr

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