A to Z of Cold Calling

Volume 1: Pre-call 101 

Most businesses might have evolved digitally, but the concept of cold calling continues to be a number one sales strategy for reps.

When your sales reps are approaching a prospect they barely know, that is called a sales cold call.

The prospect here can be a random person from your contact list, an attendee of one of your events, a new social media follower, or anyone you feel can be interested in your offerings. 

The purposes of any sales cold call are… 

There are many myths about sales cold calls. The most popular one being, a sales rep calling the prospects blindly to pitch their products and services. While, in a practical scenario, the concept of cold calling is completely opposite. 

Cold calling is a type of outreach where reps typically target those prospects who are potential buyers but the company has not yet started to reach out to them actively. 

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The A-to-Z Guide to Cold Calling.

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